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Exide EV Tubular Manufacturers and Exide EV Tubular suppliers
exide-ev-tubular The number of electric vehicle users is growing rapidly. A major impetus to this growth is provided by the Exide EV Tubular range which combines Torr Tubular technology, optimum active material and state of the art assembly. This enables the 3 EV 200 to perform optimally even under the deepest of cyclic conditions. Exide Torr Tubular spines are cast in imported Hadi machines at 100 bar operating pressure to protect the lead plate support from anodic corrosion and hence provide longer life to the battery.

The Exide 3 EV 200 moves a wide range of golf carts and electric cars. It has been manufactured in ISO 9001 certified production facility.

Behind the EV range is Exide's R&D excellence and more than 60 years accumulated experience in manufacturing and field operations.

Users are assured of express service through Exide's nationwide network of 4 regional offices, 24 branch offices, over 30 Exide Powercentres and over 500 Industrial dealers. In short, Exide provides total solutions including installation, operation and maintenance. Ultimately this translates into complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

We are unbeaten manufacturers of EV Tubular and Exide EV Tubular in India. Our EV Tubular is widely used in the golf carts and electric cars while our EL Tubular batteries are used for telecommunication system, electronic attendance and cash resistors, railway signaling, etc. Both EV Tubular and Exide EV Tubular ensures a fine grain structure, for strength, longevity and highest reliability.

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