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inva-tubular Presenting, Exide Inva Tubular, the next generation tubular battery designed specially to with stand long and frequent powercuts. It is the ULTIMATE INVERTER BATTERY.
very long life
User friendly
Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries. It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance
Suited for use in areas of frequent power cuts (800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharge as against 300/400 cycles of other batteries)
Can with stand overcharge better
Occupies less floor space, totally new look
Less pollution, environment friendly
Ensures Consistent quality
Ironclad Tubular Technology
Electrolyte level indicator
High Acid colume per ampere hour
Deep cycle design
Resistance to abuse
Tower type design
Common Side Venting
Conforms to IS 13369-1992
    We have the solution for your frequent power cuts. We have inverter tubular or inverter batteries that are able to stand long for regular power cuts. Our inverter tubular occupies less space and causes less pollution. Hence it is environment friendly and easy to handle.
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