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EXIDE (INDIA): Leader In Storage Power

Exide Industries Limited is the largest storage battery manufacturers in the country and has pioneered battery technology in India for over 60 years. It is the only company in South and South East Asia which designs and manufactures lead acid batteries from 2.5 Ah to 20400 Ah. Exide offers the latest series of Plante type Stationery batteries in Transparent SAN containers for Critical standby application, manufactured in its state of the art ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifed factory to fulfill growing demand both in domestic and export market. The cells are designed to conform BIS specification IS:1991.

Some Key Features Are:
Excellent high discharge performance
Transparent Containers for easy maintainance.
Expected service life is greater than 20 years in standby float application at 25°C.
No aging margin required as per IEEE 485 : 1997
Topping up frequency : once in 12/ 18 months
Capable of rapid recharging
Superior all round voltage profile and energy output.
Much higher energy output compated to Tubular Cells of similar capacity.
Higher Ah and Wh effciencies
Conforms to BS : part 2:1999, Is 1652:1991 and IEC 60896.
   We are the leader in storage power since we manufacture Plante Standby batteries having excellent discharge performance and also having the capacity to recharge itself rapidly. Our NDP Tubular Standby batteries and HDP tubular standby batteries come with low maintenance, electrolyte level indicator and with acid resistant polyester gunlets. The range of NDP Tubular Standby batteries, HDP tubular standby batteries and Plante Standby batteries that we manufacture fulfill the demand in both domestic and international market.
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