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solar-tubular Exide Industries Ltd, the leader of Lead Acid battery manufacturers in India for the last 65 years is proud to presen the new LMXT range of Tubular low maintenance lead acid batteries specially designed for SPV and other remewable energy based applications.

Over the decades, the focus on renewable energy usage to meet the growing power demand of the country has increased manifold. It is considered to be the efficient solution to vast stretches of remote areas where mains power is yet to reach in an economic manner.

Exide's latest addition in Tubular series is the LMXT range of batteries specially designed and manufactured to suit the rigors of SPV application having the following unique features:
Legendary Torr Tubular Positive Plates made in high pressure HADi casting machine which imparts longer life with high reliability
Excellent cycle life- 1500 cycles at 80% DOD & 7500 Cycles at 20% DOD
Ideally suited for operation in PSOC condition
Special non woven gauntlet for posotive plates imports extra life of battery.
Special alloy in grids and pastes results very low water loss i.e. ultra low topping up frequency.

Solar Tubular Manufacturers & Suppliers

   We are one of the outstanding manufacturers of the most comprehensive range of lead acid battery. The Solar PV Application batteries are low resistance fasteners that are widely used in the process of solar tubular lightening system, solar photovoltaic system, solar power plant and solar hybrid system. Our Solar Tubular batteries are ideal for operation in PSOC condition. The Solatron SGL battery is integrated with gel technology to store solar energy. Whether Solar PV Application or Solar Tubular batteries or Solatron SGL, all of them are created while focusing on renewable energy usage.
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